About me

I’m a Principal Engineer at Amazon in Boston, MA, USA - though most of my team is in Irvine, CA, USA. I work on the Alexa voice assistant, making it easier for our customers to discover engaging skills. My team also helps skill developers monetize their skills. I’m interested in conversational voice interfaces, search, recommendations, product ranking, and scalable service architectures.

At Amazon I’ve also worked on making the Amazon Appstore on Fire OS devices better by focusing on performant on-device Android software architectures.

I have a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Southern California. I worked at the ANRG on improving the throughput of wireless sensor networks through BCP routing algorithms. I also worked on measuring cellular internet performance at scale, and on studying basketball player performance via sports datasets at USC’s Computational Behavior Group. I have a B.E. from MSRIT (Bangalore, India) where I researched TCP performance on wireless ad-hoc networks.

At past jobs I was a lead Engineer at Ittiam Systems (Bangalore, KA, India), building multimedia conferencing software. I implemented network protocols and systems software on Texas Instruments SoCs running various embedded Linuxes (Linuces? Linuxii?).

In my spare time I consistently fail at sticking to any hobby, but inevitably learn some fun new things along the way. This has, over time, included Sci-fi/speculative fiction, Boiledbeans - a tech quizzing blog, travel, landscape photography, Making things with Arduinos/Raspberry Pis/3D printers/RTLSDRs, and I’ve promised myself that I will eventually learn to play at least one instrument.