A few side projects that I am working on/have worked on. These usually have nothing to do with my academic/professional work, just something I dabble with on my own time.


  • RFC Browser - Explore connections between IETF RFCs in a simple visual force-directed graph.
  • Dijkstra's Den? - Android game for the blind (and possibly also deaf) - created for the SS12: Code for a cause 2012 contest organized by USC ACM and Project Possibility. Eventually won the US-level SS12. Code on github.
  • Scribe - Scribe adds real-time speech transcription to a web-based video conferencing system.
  • Theremin Play? - A real working Theremin simulated using two Android phones.

In progress

  • Song connections - Explore connections between tracks such as common bands, common artists, common influences, etc.