My résumé.

At a glance:

  • I currently live in Los Angeles.
  • Before that, I spent most of my life in Bangalore. I consider myself a native Bangalorean (i.e. I know the cultural differences between Shivajinagar and Malleshwaram, and actually care :P)
  • I studied at KVIISc way back before they ever had a website :-). I then went on to earn a B.E in Computer Science and Engineering at M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology.
  • After graduating, I worked at Ittiam, where my team built some really amazing video communications systems on various embedded platforms.
  • I then got back to school and joined the Masters program in Computer Science at USC.
  • I am currently a student researcher in the Autonomous Networks Research Group at USC, working on routing protocols for IPv6 wireless sensor networks.

In my spare time, I -

  • Run a very neat tech quizzing site - Boiledbeans - along with Devadutta, a friend of mine.
  • Am a member of the "core team" at Slice Of Life. SOL is a bangalore-based community of people interested in arts of all kinds. What little work I did there largely centered around videography and post-processing for short films.
  • Tinker around with the occasional bit of code to do something funky. Most of this should be up on this site here and there. Most of my part-time coding is web oriented, mostly in PHP and the occasional hack in Perl
  • Travel. Time and budget permitting, I enjoy traveling. I prefer places that are relatively untouched by the byproducts of civilization. I especially enjoy exploring these areas on foot, which would also make be a bit of a trekking/hiking enthusiast.
  • Occasionally dabble in photography, but this is probably not something I should be showing off about! This is more a byproduct of my having a camera around when I travel :-)

There is some other information about me spread out over the web:

And this is me: