About me

I’m a Software Development Engineer at Amazon in Irvine, CA, USA. I work on the Alexa platform powering the Echo/Tap/Dot. I used to work on making the Amazon Appstore on Fire devices better. I’m interested in voice interfaces, scalable microservices and performant on-device software architecture, and making more usable and fun user experiences on Android.

I have a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Southern California. During that time I worked at the ANRG on improving the throughput of wireless sensor networks through BCP routing algorithms. I also worked on measuring cellular internet performance at scale. I briefly helped visualize sports datasets (Processing.org is awesome!). I have a B.E. from MSRIT (Bangalore, India) where I researched TCP performance on wireless ad-hoc networks.

At past jobs I was a lead Engineer at Ittiam Systems (Bangalore, KA, India), building multimedia conferencing software. I implemented network protocols and systems software on Texas Instruments SoCs running various embedded Linuxes (Linuces? Linuxii?). I later also worked at NVIDIA building power management software as part of the Android BSP for the Tegra processor.

In my spare time I enjoy traveling and dabble in photography. In my spare, spare time I run Boiledbeans, a tech quizzing blog. I’m also a big fan of tinkering with the Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms.